M-F 6 & 11PM / democracy now!

Independent news, keeping you informed.

WED 12PM / nature: american spring live: connections

Learn how changing climates effect plants and animals.

WED 8PM / redeeming uncle tom: the josiah henson story

Learn about the inspiration for “Uncle Tom’s Cabin."

THU 12PM / nova: first horse warriors

Unlock mysteries surrounding the first riders of wild horses.

THU 7:30PM / farm connections

Learn about the new wave of solar energy on the farm.

FRI 7PM / almanac

Be informed about Minnesota current affairs.

SAT 6PM / lawrence welk

Sing with the medley of songs by George M. Cohan.

SAT 8PM / les miserables on masterpiece

Paris becomes on the brink of a revolt.

SUN 7PM / off 90

An artisan boutique and an ancient form of drawing with rice.

SUN 8:30PM / national memorial day concert 2019

Personal stories interwoven with musical performances.

MON 7PM / walkin’ california: catalina island

Discover its unique ecology and history.

MON 7:30PM / watching our water

The challenge to keep it clean.


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Small Town Hospitals

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Steve Simonin, President & CEO of Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics

Amy McDaniel, CEO of Iowa Specialty Hospital – Belmond

Renee Diamond, MD – Family Practice Provider at Iowa Specialty Hospital

Kathy Nicholls, Director – Wright County Public Health


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