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On some level, everyone is connected to agriculture. That simple fact is at the heart of KSMQ's local series, Farm Connections, now in its eighth season. Join KSMQ to explore the world of agriculture in our region with host Dan Hoffman. You'll learn about current issues, future trends, and our agricultural heritage. It's informative, enlightening and sometimes, just plain fun!

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Livestock Auction & Non-profits in Ag
We visit a livestock auction and also visit with Dr. Reid Zimmerman a non-profit professional
This week's episode of Farm Connections airs   Thurs. 7:30pm  /  Sat. 4:00pm  /  Sun. 6:00am
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Dan Hoffman has hosted Farm Connections since its first season in 2009. He taught Farm Business Management at Riverland Community College for over twenty-three years, served as Executive Director of Minnesota Agriculture & Rural Leadership (MARL) for three years and is currently the owner of New Vision Consulting. Dan has a passion for farming and the people involved with agriculture. In his position with New Vision Consulting he helps farm families reach their goals with an emphasis on transition and succession planning.

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If you have ideas for topics that you want to see this season on the show, contact Dan Hoffman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 507-421-7167.

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