Season 7 - Farm Connections


Episode 707:


 Antique Tractors, Lefse and Rabbits

We go to Spring Valley, MN to the Root River Antique Engine and Tractor Show. We talk to a professional lefse maker and learn a lot about raising rabbits.



Episode 706:


Kasota, MN and the Green Star Initiative

We go to Kasota, MN and learn about the Green Star Initiative. We Learn about improving water quality and soil conservation.



Episode 705:


Trout and Agriculture

Explore the intersection between fish & agriculture as student-raised infant trout are released into the wild!


Episode 704:

Reindeer Farm

In this episode, we go to Lake Crystal, MN to learn about raising a unique herd of animals; Reindeer. It's like Christmas all year round! Reindeer like it cold and they love Minnesota!


Episode 703:


Tractor Collection

On this episode, we explore one of the most interesting collection of tractors near Zumbrota, MN.


Episode 702:


Hayfield Ag Class

See how a community that treasures its agricultural heritage, brings it into the 21st century. The Ag Class at Hayfield High School is preparing young people for the future, by fixing up old tractors!


Episode 701:



North American Farm & Power Show

In this episode, we visit the North American Farm & Power Show in Owatonna, MN. With more than 700 product lines including drones!