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On Q: COVID-19 Update with Dr. John O'Horo


THU 7:30PM / prairie sportsman: birds of the prairie

Biologists are working to save a bird’s declining population.

FRI 12PM / shelter me: partners for life

Stories about shelter pets and police K9 units.

FRI 1 PM & SAT 2:30PM / woodsmith shop

How to make a smartphone amplifier.

SAT 6PM / lawrence welk: easter

With performances of "Mary, Did You Know?" and "Easter Parade."

SAT 8PM / world on fire: masterpiece

As war breaks out, a translator helps a woman flee Warsaw.

SAT 9PM / the typist

Trace the life of the last living clerk-typist of the Nuremberg Trials.

SUN 10:30AM, 4PM & 10PM / easter 2020 in austin

St. Augustine Catholic Church in Austin, MN 

SUN 1:30 PM / let's go minnesota

Join Brenda and the team as they paddle down the Root River.

SUN 8PM / fail safe (1964)

A squadron of SAC bombers head for Moscow due to faulty orders. 


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