SAT 10PM / austin city limits: nine inch nails

With one of the best live shows ever, are considered a pioneer in Industrial Music

SUN 8PM / the music man

A con man comes to a Midwestern town with a scam using musical instruments!

MON 7PM / election 2014 ksmq round-table discussion

MN House District 24A with Rep. Petersburg and Bev Cashman

MON 7:30PM / election 2014 ksmq round-table discussion

MN House District 26B with Nels Pierson and Rich Wright

MON 8PM / nova: ben franklin’s balloons

Experts recreate the French's daring first manned flights, which Franklin had chronicled.

TUE 7PM / election 2014 ksmq round-table discussion

MN House District 27B with Rep. Jeanne Poppe and Dennis Schminke

WED 7PM / election 2014 ksmq round-table discussion

MN House District 27A with Rep. Shannon Savick, Peggy Bennett and Tom Price

WED 7:30PM / election 2014 ksmq round-table discussion

IA House District 7 with Dave Grussing

THU 7PM / election 2014 ksmq round-table discussion

Freeborn County Sheriff race with Sheriff Bob Kindler and Kurt Freitag

THU 8PM / beyond the bully

Learn what bullying is and how to counteract it.


Learn More About

Beyond the Bully is an up-close look at how school districts, youth organizations and students themselves are addressing the topic of bullying. 
If your school, organization, or family would like to know more about some of the ideas presented in the film, as well as other resources,
click here for more information.

Debate Coverage

MN Gubernatorial Debate
(Aired October 1, 2014)

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