Season 13 - Farm Connections

 Episode 1305:



Today we talk to farmer and podcaster Mitchell Hora about the current state of agriculture and connecting with an audience. JoAnn Lower shares a story about ducks. And we hear from Bruce Potter on making better insecticide decisions and minimizing development resistance. We also check out a dairy farming drive through experience.



 Episode 1304:



We talk about the wonders of the natural world with naturalist Kate Fitzgerald. JoAnn Lower shares a story about people brought together from worlds apart. Lisa Behnken tells us about soybeans and weed control. And we talk to Mike Landuyt from the MN cattleman's Association.



 Episode 1303:



We talk with the new Executive Director of MN Farm Bureau, Karin Schaefer. We meet Al Batt, writer, storyteller and avid ornithologist. Ryan Miller talks about corn and weed management. And we learn about the advantages of pork from Compart Family Farms.



 Episode 1302:



We visit with JoAnn Lower to understand how she writes her stories. We discuss the future and options for small businesses with Chris Hahn and we share a new "Best Practices" segment from the University of MN.



 Episode 1301:



We talk with Trent Loos about Ranching and agriculture. The University of MN tells us about early season alfalfa management and we hear a story from JoAnn Lower.


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