Season 2 - "Off 90"



Episode 211



The Barn Bar - Ever wish you and your friends could get together and make up a sit-com? That’s what the folks behind Rochester’s Barn Bar have done! The result is a hilarious and often unpredictable locally-grown production.

Ed's Museum - For 63 years Ed Krueger ran the general store in Wykoff, and he never threw anything away. Now the town has taken it upon itself to showcase his collection of mid-century trash and treasures.

Mary Solberg - Tour the world and works of painter Mary Solberg of Winona.

Leah Mahlow - Thought-provoking and intriguing sculptures in a wearable form – the dress.



Episode 210




"Over the Back Fence" Radio Hour - Take a dash of talent show, add a pinch of A Prairie Home Companion, and a spoonful of community – and you have Lanesboro’s “Over the Back Fence” radio hour.

Southeastern Minnesota Visual Arts (SEMVA) - Step inside the SEMVA art gallery in Rochester – a gathering place for artists and a perfect venue to increase community appreciation of local art.

The Paramount Theatre - The Paramount Theatre in Austin came to life just as "talkies" changed movies forever. Now it has new life as an arts and cultural hub. But look closely - the history is all still there.

The Life of a Barn Cat - Take a look at daily life on a farm – through the eyes of one of a farm’s hardest workers and stalwart guardians – a barn cat!



Episode 209




Frank Lloyd Wright Homes - Frank Lloyd Wright is known the world-over for his innovative designs. We tour two homes he designed - right here in Southern Minnesota.

Fence Jewelry - Rushford artist Laura Heiden marries rural and urban with her handmade high-fashion jewelry crafted inside a crop seed warehouse. 

Sculptor Paul Rieffer - What does it take to capture the essence of a person in clay? Alden artist Paul Rieffer gives us an in-depth look at his process of creating life-like sculptures.

St. Augustine Church - Beautifying the Austin community for more than a century, we take a look at the spectacular architecture of St. Augustine church.



Episode 208




The Frozen River Film Festival - Saving the environment – one movie ticket at a time. Take a seat at Winona’s Frozen River Film Festival, which showcases earth-conscious documentaries.

Alan Seaver's Typewriter Collection - Thanks to computers, the typewriter quickly faded into obscurity. But Alan Seaver of Rochester is keeping the legacy alive through his impressive collection of more than 150 machines.

Artist Mike Schad - Artist Mike Schad paints the world from his studio in Zumbro Falls, capturing the essence of his subjects.

Cellist Griffin Woodworth - Enjoy a performance by cellist Griffin Woodworth.



Episode 207




Stoney End Harps - Not much is made by hand these days. But Stoney End Harps in Red Wing is breaking the mold – crafting beautiful harps whose sounds are heard around the world.

Barn Quilts - A colorful phenomenon is popping up on barns all over Southern Minnesota: barn quilts! Jump in the car as we showcase the spectacular barn quilts in and around Caledonia.

Historian Dustin Heckman - We visit with Dustin Heckman, the youngest-ever Executive Director of the Mower County Historical Society.

Artist Lisa Schreiner Truax - We take a look at “Synthetic Harmony,” a unique grouping of ceramic and mixed media sculptures on display in Winona.



Episode 206




The Rhubarb Sisters - They take their rhubarb seriously in Lanesboro. We’ll meet the group of ladies who sings the praises of rhubarb year round, the famous Rhubarb Sisters!

Artist Bruce Loeschen - Can you capture the essence of a town in a single illustration? Austin artist Bruce Loeschen can, with his elaborate portraits of American cities.

Director Katherine "Poppy" Lear - Rochester theatre director Katherine “Poppy” Lear shares her passion by inspiring a love for drama in her students.

Native American Woven Bags - Kept safe for decades in a Winona vault, one of the best collections of Native American woven bags in Minnesota is finally available for the public to enjoy.



Episode 205




Mystery Author Julie Kramer - From farm girl – to famous mystery writer! We’ll meet author Julie Kramer who went from a farm in Adams, to the top of the best-seller list.

Historic Forestville State Park - Experience life as a pioneer in Historic Forestville where actors portray real people from Forestville’s past!

Lessons Learned from 88 Keys - Mastering the piano is a generations-long tradition for the Hagan family of Rochester.

The Legend of Princess Owatonna - Princess Owatonna is famous for her statue. But who was she and why is she still remembered? We’ll tell you her story.



Episode 204




Mr. Kite - Craig Christensen reaches from his home in Webster all the way to the sky. How? With lots of creativity and miles of kite string. He’s “Mr. Kite,” and kites are his art.

Skiagraphs - Art and science merge in the works of Rochester artist Dr. Andre Bruwer. He takes x-rays of plants – creating haunting and beautiful images.

Milking Cows by Hand - We head to a farm in Sergeant where we get a lesson in milking cows the old fashioned way: by hand.

Model Train Collection - All aboard! We take a trip on an impressive H.O. gauge model train layout in Grand Meadow.



Episode 203




Artist Jess. C. Bohlman - It’s been a long, hard road for Jess C. Bohlman to find the artist in his soul. Find out what gives his story a surprising twist.

The Great River Shakespeare Festival - The Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona is bringing the Bard’s work to life. The plays date back hundreds of years, but they’re as vital and entertaining as ever.

The Chatfield Brass Band & Music Lending Library - The Chatfield Brass Band and Music Lending library started with a dream, and it lives on in live music at home and sheet music shared around the globe.

Artist Alonso Sierralta - Alonso Sierralta’s sculptures reflect his experiences as an immigrant – through his use of organic forms and natural motifs.



Episode 202




Costume Designer Stacia Lang - It’s a long way from Albert Lea to Hollywood, but that’s the road that designer Stacia Lang has traveled. Meet her and see some of her work, which as graced galleries and movie screens across the country.

The Children's Dance Theatre of Southern Minnesota - Dance is a lifelong commitment of body, heart, and soul. Dedicated young dancers in the Rochester area get an invaluable jump-start each summer with two weeks of intensive training from master teachers.

Historian & Author Michael Eckers - Writer and history enthusiast Michael Eckers’ mission in life is to ignite a passion for the past while inspiring the future.

Carnival Rides - Remember the fair? The corndogs, the cotton candy, the antacid? Hang on tight as we take you for a spin around the midway at the Olmsted County Fair.



Episode 201



The Sawtooth Bluegrass Band - Old-time tunes mix with fresh voices as Rochester’s Sawtooth Bluegrass Band revives classic Americana for a new generation.

The Freeborn County Museum and Historical Village - Experience life in Albert Lea of the early 1900s as we stroll through the Historical Village on the Freeborn County Fairgrounds.

Lark Toys - The craft of toy-making lives on in Kellogg at Lark Toys where there’s endless old-fashioned fun for the young and the young at heart.  

Artist Liz Miller - Mixed media artist Liz Miller’s installation at the Rochester Art Center showcases the intersection of historical design with contemporary imagery. 

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