Season 1 - "Off 90"

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Episode 113


Buckle up as we hit the road, exploring some of our favorite stories from Season One of Off 90! You'll see fantastic painters, brass bands and so much more.



Episode 112


The Chatfield Brass Band & Music Lending Library - Chatfield really has something to be proud of! It's home to a world-class brass band -- not to mention a sheet music lending library, which home to thousands of priceless pieces of music history.

The Hoffman Twins - A profile on the Hoffman brothers, identical twins who have lived most of a century of farm history in Southern Minnesota, and they have the stories to prove it.

The Austin Big Band Performs - The band performs "This Could Be the Start of Something Big," a classic by composer and TV legend Steve Allen.



Episode 111


Artist Mike Schad - A profile of Mike Schad, an artist from Zumbro Falls whose realistic paintings will have you reminiscing about summers as a child.

The Paramount Theater - We take a tour of the historic Paramount Theater in Austin.

Lovin' Summer - Southeastern Minnesota residents sound off about what they love about summer in our part of the state!



Episode 110


Katherine "Poppy" Lear - Katherine Lear got the nickname "Poppy" from her own work on stage. But now, that's the name she's affectionately known by in her work with theatre students in Rochester.

The Austin Big Band performs - The Austin Big Band covers one of Glenn Miller's most famous compositions.

Small Town, Big History - A look at the history of the place we know as Owatonna, which reaches back even further than does the history of Minnesota.

Minnesota Summer - Experience a contemporary Minnesota summer through the music of 18th-century composer Antonio Vivaldi.



Episode 109


Reporter Lee Bonorden - Mower County's own "Gunslinger Reporter" offers his take on recent local history, and the life of journalist.

Pacelli High School Women's Quartet - The Pacelli High School women's quartet performs an Arlen & Harburg classic.

Olmsted County Medical Center Art - The Olmsted Medical Center has made a very special investment in local art and artists, and in the process is making many people feel better.



Episode 108


Artist Chun Lok Mah - A profile of Chun Lok Mah, a talented Winona-based artist.

Jennifer Ordalen and Drew Hurst Perform - A song by Albert Lea vocalist Jennifer Ordalen and guitarist Drew Hurst.

The Hormel Historic Home - A tour of the home and some of the history of the famous Hormel family.



Episode 107


The Stoppel Farm - A walk through the historic Stoppel Farm that is being refurbished by The History Center of Olmsted County.

Adam Wayne Wollenburg - A profile of singer songwriter Adam Wayne Wollenburg.

The Long Minnesota Goodbye - Minnesota citizens discuss what is meant by the term "Minnesota Goodbye."



Episode 106


Paul Rieffer - A look into the life and work of Alden sculptor Paul Rieffer.

Jesse Smith - A performance by singer/songwriter Jesse Smith.

KSMQ PBS KIDS GO! Writer's Contest - Stories by the winners of KSMQ's PBS Kids GO! Writers Contest are brought to life.



Episode 105


Michael Eckers - Find out what makes Owatonna-based writer and history enthusiast Michael Eckers tick.

Irissa Hubka - A young flute player performs and shares her love of the instrument.

Milking a Cow by Hand - Learn how to milk a cow the old-fashioned way - by hand!



Episode 104


Artist Judy Onofrio - A profile of Rochester artist Judy Onofrio, who makes art from, among other things, bones.

Evan Johnson - Hear a performance by this talented young vocalist.

Minnesota Spring - A look at spring at its finest, set to the music of Vivaldi.



Episode 103


Lessons Learned from 88 Keys - In the Hayden family, playing the piano is a tradition that spans generations.

"Minnesota Nice" - We explore what it means to be "Minnesota Nice."

Historian Dustin Heckman - A profile of Dustin Heckman, the young Executive Director of the Mower County Historical Society.



Episode 102


Carnegie Art Center - We pay a visit to south central Minnesota's largest visual arts gallery featuring the work of regional artists.

Mary Solberg - See the remarkably beautiful paintings of this Winona artist.

Minnesota’s Largest Doughnuts - We take a pit-stop at a place where you can find the biggest doughnuts in the entire state!



Episode 101



Lark Toys - We stop by this exciting toy store in Kellogg, which features many toys made locally by hand.

Kevin Dobbe - A profile of an installation artist and musician.

Adam Wayne Wollenburg - Hear a performance by this country singer/songwriter.

Cold Weather - Minnesota winters can get down right chilly! We hear from residents about how they cope with the state's freezing temperatures.

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