Season 4 - "Off 90"

Episode 414
On this episode of Off 90: We’ve covered a lot in this season of Off 90, from museums and musicians, to artists and re-enactors, to history and heritage. We bring you our favorite stories that we’ve covered this season.

Episode 413
On this episode of Off 90: Energy, creativity, and a strong sense of community; these are just some of the qualities of Jane Belau, a Renaissance woman from Rochester. Trout fishing is very important to the community of Preston. Find out why it's so vital. Meet Jody Brown, a writer from Rochester who turned her experiences into a published work of fiction. For her, this is only the beginning.

Episode 412
On this episode of Off 90: Teacher, writer, and state representative, learn the story of a man from central Minnesota whose interest in the state spans from its conception to its future. Next, we take a trip to Rochester and meet a couple with a unique collection: toasters; we explore the interesting history behind this important kitchen appliance. Next, like father, like daughter: Meet a singer from Austin who learned to sing the blues from her father ... and listen to them play the blues together.

Episode 411
On this episode of Off 90: Meet some people from southeastern Minnesota who think those mysterious things that go bump in the night just might be what you think, and fear, they are. A lot goes into creating the perfect paperweight. Come with us to Winona to learn the difficult process of making glass paperweights. Meet a man from Rochester who combined music and video for some ground-breaking results.

Episode 410
On this episode of Off 90: Attitude is just one of the many things that sets roller derby apart from all other sports. Come with us to Rochester for a front row seat at this intense sport. There aren't many reasons to go outside in Minnesota during the winter, but welcome to SocialICE, a Rochester event that mixes ice sculptures with the art of socializing. Ghost towns are places where all the dreams and efforts of visionaries died in vain. Take a tour with a man from Mower County who strives to keep their memory alive.

Episode 409
On this episode of Off 90: Hundreds of eagles call the Mississippi River Valley home. Come with us to Wabasha, Minnesota, where we visit a place dedicated to the welfare of these magnificent creatures. You won't find this house on the map for the Parade of Homes. Take a tour of a home in St. Joseph built with some unique materials. There's more to jewelry then what meets the eye. Meet some jewelry makers from Lanesboro who have stories to tell ... through their jewelry. It's all on this episode of Off 90.

Episode 408
On this episode of Off 90: Come with us to Winona and meet a man who has the power to bring the inanimate to life: a puppeteer. Watch as a piece of history leaves its mark on Austin and makes way for the future. And in Rochester we explore the history of Assisi Heights and discover some of the important work that goes on there today. It's all on this episode of Off 90.

Episode 407
On this episode of Off 90Learn about a handwritten Bible in the Austin Public Library that was recently completed for a Benedictine Abbey, the first time since the invention of the printing press. And get down and dirty with some folks in Chatfield as they cast works of art out of molten hot metal. You'll see those stories and more in this episode of Off 90!

Episode 406

On this episode of Off 90Meet an art teacher from Austin who has taught hundreds of students about art ... and continues to learn about art ... for himself! Meet a playwright from Rochester who wrote a play that bridged the generation gaps in her family tree! And ... Take a tour of a toy tractor museum in Austin that will amaze both young and old alike! It's all just ahead, Off 90!

Episode 405

On this episode of Off 90: Every year, Waseca is invaded...by marching bands, and there's music in the air! Learn about an Austin man who overcame some tough obstacles on his road to becoming an artist! And ... learn about the humble beginnings of a man from Le Sueur, who later became a household name!


 Episode 404

On this episode of Off 90Spring Grove is one of the first Norwegian settlements in the state.  See how their heritage is being kept alive! See the history of farming come to life in Waseca and get a taste of what it was like to be a pioneer! And ... come with us as we explore Austin, its history, present, and future!


Episode 403


On this episode of Off 90A retired power plant receives new life as an art gallery in Austin!
Join a memorial tractor ride in Meyer -- see tractors of all kinds, old and new alike!
And...Come with us to Albert Lea to meet Benjamin Franklin and other characters from America's past!



 Episode 402

On this episode of Off 90Take a trip to the past as we visit The Village of Yesteryear in Owatonna. Meet an artist who gets her inspiration from the fields and farms of rural America: Glencoe painter Bonnie Mohr. And, Middle School students prepare for a performance with the Southeastern Minnesota Honor Band.



 Episode 401

On this episode of Off 90Meet a ROCHESTER painter who's as interested in bringing art to the public as he is about creating it! In the tiny town of Whalan, they do things a little differently, especially when it comes to parades. This one stands still!  And, we'll head to Farmfest in Morgan, which boasts an array of activities dedicated to the advancement of agriculture. Enjoy your trip, Off 90!



 Off 90 Down Memory Lane

On this episode of Off 90We share some unforgettable stories from our past three seasons of Off 90. Get reacquainted with some of the artists in our area. Rediscover historical places and events in southern Minnesota. Also, we'll review unique cultural characteristics found in our region. Hop in and let's take a trip down memory lane...On Off 90!


Energy, creativity, and a strong sense of community; these are just some of the qualities of this Renaissance woman from Rochester!

Trout fishing is a very important activity to the community of Preston.  Find out why it’s so vital!

Meet a writer from Rochester who turned her experiences into a published work of fiction and for her, this is only the beginning!

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