Season 6 - Farm Connections

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Episode 601:


MN State FFA Convention

Dan visits the Minnesota State FFA Convention held annually at the University of Minnesota campus.


Episode 602:

Zimmerman Turkey Farm and Energy Efficiency

Dan visits the farm of John Zimmerman near Northfield, Minnesota and learns how the operation was evaluated by a team of experts and optimized for energy efficiency.



Episode 603:

History - People, Places & Things


We travel back in time with the help of the Mower County Historical Society. We visit with people that impacted history & made a difference in agriculture. We talk about places that are significant; how they were mapped and charted and we talk about the things that were involved in making agriculture productive.

Episode 604:


Fuel Economy & Bio-Fuels

Dan visits with a team of students who created a small fleet of supermileage vehicles that have won regional, national and international awards for their fuel economy. He also visits with Tim Rudnicki of the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association and Dan Erickson of Minnesota Corn Growers Association to learn how Minnesota crops are being used to created renewable energy sources.




Episode 605:



Food, Fuel, Feed & Fiber

This episode of Farm Connections explores the world of forage crops -- those intended to feed livestock -- which are among the most valued crops in our ag economy. Dan travels to Gar-Lin Dairy Farms in Eyota, Minnesota to understand how feed is produced, processed and consumed within a successful dairy operation. He also visits with researchers from the University of Minnesota who explain the unique and powerful characteristics of alfalfa, an important forage crop. And he meets with a representative of the Midwest Forage Association.




Episode 606:


Breakfast On the Farm

On this episode, we take part in one of the great traditions in rural Minnesota – Breakfast On the Farm. It’s an opportunity for people outside of agriculture to visit a farm and meet the people who produce the food for our table throughout the year. Breakfast On the Farm is fun, informative and filling! 





Episode 607:

Water Quality & Agriculture

On this episode we dive in to research about farm water quality when we visit a Discovery Farm near Kasson, Minnesota. Researchers there try to understand the relationship between agriculture and clean water supplies. You'll learn something new about one of our most basic elements!


Episode 608:


Ag Appreciation and the Economy

On this episode we talk about agriculture and the economy. We also visit an Ag Appreciation Dinner. Come join us for a great pork chop dinner!




Episode 609:


Around the World

On this episode we learn how products from area farms get distributed to far away places. We talk to area leaders in the business of exports.


Episode 610:


MN State Fair & Princess Kay

Welcome to the Minnesota State Fair, one of the biggest agricultural expositions in the country. Dan explores the fair's agricultural underpinnings, including the tradition of Princess Kay of the Milky Way, the impact of dairy on the state economy and culture, and agriculture education through a fair teacher/entertainer.


Episode 611:


All About Pork

We take a trip to the National Barrow Show in Austin, MN and also we learn how to make delicious grilled pork loin at Dan Hoffman's residence.


Episode 612:

The Big Iron Show

In this episode we go to the Big Iron Farm Show in Fargo, North Dakota!


Episode 613:


In this episode we talk to FFA officers from around the state.

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