Episode 614

A look through the rear view mirror of our 6th season.


Episode 613

Explore a 100 mile Garage Sale, meet an abstract artist from Rochester, drop in on a music workshop for youngsters and learn how to get maple syrup the old fashioned way.



Episode 612

A Stewartville man took a talent for making salad dressing and turned it into a business. An Austin man demonstrates how to make homemade fishing lures. We take a look at a touring display of works by southeast Minnesota artists. And we talk to an Austin comic book writer.


Episode 611

We visit visit a farm that raises its own sheep and produces its own cheese in Nerstrand. We check in with the owner of a tiny house in rural Winona. We visit an exhibition of poets and painters in Zumbrota. And we see a display of artworks exclusively by women, in Rochester.


Episode 610

We visit a school that specializes in art and dancing in Winona. Also in Winona, we tour a display of finely detailed model ships. We check in on the city of Mankato and we attend an exhibit of textile art in Owatonna.


Episode 609

A new microbrewery in Rochester, a local pastor who is an artist, and an account of orphaned siblings whose story is now told.


Episode 608

How Minnesota got its shape. Storytelling from the Cotters. The Wild Wild West: The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra performs with the Austin Symphony Orchestra


Episode 607

The Polish culture. An almost blind artist. And the Druids



Episode 606

Meet an artist in Rochester with a unique vision for her sculptures. Learn about a business that has been family owned for over a century in Stewartville. Visit a museum in St. Louis Park, dedicated to the history of broadcasting in Minnesota. And finally peruse a distinctive collection in Owatonna.


Episode 605

Learn what it takes to keep a small-town newspaper alive. Join in the birthday celebration of Owatonna Arts Center.
Attend a CD release party in Rochester. And attend a celebration of green living and clean energy in Austin.



 Episode 604

A maritime disaster on Lake Pepin. A Christmas classic rewritten by Minnesota writers. Also a family musical, performed in St. Cloud.


 Episode 603

We meet the producers of an Internet series about art in culture in Rochester called The Local Experiment.Come with us to an outdoor market of art and crafts in Northfield. Learn about a program that helps develop the writing skills of prison inmates. Also, take a ride in a parade of utility cars in Austin.



Episode 602

Join us for a festival in Rochester that took place in and around a whole city block; learn about a program in Austin that’s turned graffiti into art; pay a visit to historic Old Frontenac; and take a ride in the sky from the airport in Albert Lea.

Episode 601
Head to Winona to do some horsing around. Join us for an evening of painting and revelry in Rochester. The Austin ArtWorks Festival returns, bringing with it, a celebration of art, music & fun; and attend a festival in Rochester that celebrates the legacy of the Irish.

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