Episode 813:



Farm Fest & Stoppel Farm

On this episode of Farm Connections, Host Dan Hoffman participates in a panel on the perception of agriculture.  Kent Thiesse talks about the impact of USDA reports, Cole Regnier discusses his career goals, and we visit an 1850's farm in Olmsted County.



 Episode 812:



An Agriculture Economic Bubble

Explore the buzz behind an agricultural economic bubble. Kent Theisse remembers the open cry pit at the New York Stock Exchange. And storyteller JoAnn Lower joins us for another story. Also Sue Gorman visits with Maggie Smith about her career goals.



 Episode 811:



Broadband Service

Learn about the importance of broadband service for rural Minnesota. We talk to a policy expert and visit a local business that relies on high quality connectivity. And we talk to Commissioner Dave Fredrickson about land and water use issues.



 Episode 810:



Woolen Mill and Amber Hanson

We visit the Faribault Woolen Mill, recently celebrating 150 years  We learn how sequestration may effect ag programs from Kent Theisse. Amber Hanson tells us how she communicates ag issues with our elected officials and we learn about the career goals of Haley Hinrichs.



 Episode 809:



Dick Hagen and Janet Kubat Willette




 Episode 808:



Livestock Auction & Non-profits in Agriculture

Livestock Auction & Non-profits in AgricultureWe visit a livestock auction and also visit with Dr. Reid Zimmerman a non-profit professional



Episode 807:



A county fair story and help for non-profits

Join us for another story from JoAnn Lower about the county fair of many years ago.


Episode 806:



Forage, peas, and farming trends

We visit a pea field and learn about new trends in farming.


Episode 805:



Simmental Breed of Cattle and the Timber Industry

We visit a Simmental judging competition in Austin and talk to a DNR officer about the timber industry.



Episode 804:



Ag in the Classroom / Solar Energy

We visit students learning about farming. Also we learn about solar power from Featherstone Farms


Episode 803:



Organic Vegetables / An Orchard with bees

We recently visited Featherstone Farm and Sekapp Orchards.


Episode 802:



Maple Syrup and Buffer Strips

We visit a maple syrup farm in Waterville and Justin Hanson teaches us about buffer strips.


Episode 801:



2nd Annual Ag Summit

We recently attended the Second Annual Ag Summit.  Producers, food processors, agribusiness professionals and educators spent the day learning about technology, new post-secondary training opportunities and the possibility of creating a world-renown ag center. We had interviews with Dr. Adenuga Atewologun, Adam Heimer, Mary Davenport and Jennifer Smith.


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