Season 3 - "Off 90"

Episode 314



It's the best of Season Three! We share snippets from some of our favorite pieces this past season. From Lanesboro to Harmony...Winona to Wasioja - we recap some of the best arts, culture and history our part of the state has to offer!



Episode 313



Owatonna Orphanage - More than 10,000 children passed through the doors of the Minnesota State Public School for Dependant and Neglected Children in Owatonna between 1886 and 1945. For some, it was a safe haven -- for others a time of unbearable misery. We'll share some unforgettable stories.

Lindsay Thibault - Delightfully simple -- yet altogether unique. Lindsay Thibault's paper collage work offers a creative take on landscapes.

Philip Taylor - Fueled by jazz, Rochester artist Philip Taylor is drawn to the abstract. Chance, spontaneity, and rebellion flourish in his work -- inspired by the masters of the 50s.



Episode 312



Julie Fakler  - Bright colors and bold personalities... Julie Fakler celebrates Faribault's Prairie's Edge Humane Society with her vibrant portraits of adoptable animals!

Poet Ken McCullough - We examine the life and works of former Winona poet laureate Ken McCullough.

Peterson Station Museum - we'll tour a train depot-turned-museum in Peterson to learn how the rail have shaped our part of the state.



Episode 311



Leo Smith Folk Art - Reflecting the spirit of the Winona river valley, Leo Smith's woodcarving is known the world-over for its eclectic style and natural roots.

New Deal Murals - During the Great Depression, the government decided to help put artists back to work and commissioned them to paint murals in public buildings. Join us as we visit some of those murals -- found right here in southeastern Minnesota!

Kalle Akkerman - Austin native Kalle Akkerman isn't your typical teenager. How many teens do you know who can play the pipe organ? We'll bring you an incredible performance you won't want to miss!



Episode 310



Gail Dahlberg Blown Glass - We road trip to Red Wing's Anderson Center to get a hands-on lesson in the art of blown glass. Gail Dahlberg is our teacher, and we couldn't have asked for a better one to guide us through this exciting, exhilerating art form.

Austin Statues -  For a city the size of Austin, the amount of statues you can find around town is pretty incredible! Go behind the scenes to meet the man who makes them -- and take a closer look at their stoic beauty.

Mankato WordWalk - Poetry -- beneath your feet! We head to Mankato to stroll down its legendary WordWalk and hear the poems in the concrete read by the poets themselves.



Episode 309



Author Amanda Hocking - Austin author Amanda Hocking single-handedly rocked the publishing world by making millions selling e books -- and she did it all by herself. Enter into her world of paranormal romance and incredible success.

Eggs as Art - Incredible carvings -- on a most unusual surface. Meet Rochester artist Nicholas Poleschuk who creates stunning works of art...on eggs!

Karl Unnasch - At the crossroads of art and craft, rural and urban, is the work of Pilot Mound artist Karl Unnasch. He remixes found objects to create entirely new, and often unusual, art.



Episode 308



The Commonweal Theatre - Drama unfolds - where the Root River bends. Step behind the scenes of Lanesboro's Commonweal Theatre - bringing professional quality productions to bluff country.

Rosemaling by Betty Dowe - Harmony's Betty Dowe keeps the tradition of Norwegian rosemaling alive through her dedication to the art and her desire to pass it on to future generations.

Jesse James Days - In 1876, several gunmen rode into Northfield hoping to rob a bank. But the townsfolk had other plans. See how this event has inspired a yearly festival the town celebrates today.


Episode 307



The Avalon Hotel - Take a look into the extraordinary civil rights history of Rochester's Avalon Hotel.

Wind Whisper West - Japanese heritage is on display in an unlikely place: Wabasha! The city is home to the largest collection of Japanese wedding kimonos in the world.

"Mini" Steve Tomashek - Amazing Miniatures: Step inside the world of Winona whittler Steve Tomashek, whose sculptures can often fit on a penny!



Episode 306



Amish Tours - We'll peek into the quiet, simple life of the Amish in Harmony.

Sue Pariseau Pottery - Not all pottery is fired in electric kilns. Come along as we visit Lanesboro's Sue Pariseau as she heats her work in one of the state's few wood-fired kilns.

Sesquicentennial Farms - 150 Years and Counting: Tour a few of our area's sesquicentennial farms.



Episode 305



Elena Mercurio Fashions - Mankato's Elena Mercurio designs clothing to be a wearable work of art.

Renee Nation - Rochester's Renee Nation never considered herself an artist until she tried felting. Now she crafts stunning fiber sculptures using her kitchen as an art studio.

Red Power Round Up - We visit one of the largest tractor exhibitions in the entire country, Red Power Round Up, which - in 2011 - was held in Albert Lea!



Episode 304


Nancy Ellison Sheep Farm - Meet Nancy Ellison of Zumbrota... who crafts traditional Scandinavian fiber art with the help of her sheep!

Rochester Postcards -  See the city of Rochester change... and remain the same... through post cards.

Afghan Mosaics -  A group of elementary students makes mosaics inspired by Afghanistan.



Episode 303


Wasioja Civil War Days - Meet some folks in Wasioja who are keeping the legacy of the Civil War alive...with an enormous re-enactment!

Elizabeth Johnson - Get lost inside the photo-realistic drawings of Austin artist Elizabeth Johnson.

Minnesota Marine Art Museum -  Tour the magnificent Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona.



Episode 302


Keelie Ritter Photography - Immerse yourself in the candid pictures of Winona photojournalist Keelie Ritter.

Tractor Parade - Experience early Minnesota farming history at Spring Valley's 29th annual tractor parade!

Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestra - Hear the sounds of the Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestra -- keeping classical music alive for a new generation.



Episode 301


Barbara Keith Mosaics - You already know her as the host of Off 90 -- now get ready to know her as an artist! We take a look at the colorful stained glass mosaics of Lanesboro's Barbara Keith.

The Singing Teapots - Meet the Teapot Ladies of Rochester who turn everyday teapots into musical instruments!

Mankato Pow Wow - Join the celebration of history, heritage, and healing at the 38th annual Mankato Pow Wow.


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