FRI 8PM / r-town

Learn more about the issues with candidates in the Rochester area.

SAT 11 & 11:30PM / backstage pass

Chicago bluesman Toronzo Cannon performs in the Season 7 premiere. 

SUN 8PM / unforgiven (1992)

A retired Old West gunslinger reluctantly takes on one last job, with the help of his old partner.


Season 3/4 - Garden Connections

Past Episodes:

Episode 413:


Episode 313:

Weeding Your Garden

Episode 312:

Square Foot Gardening

Episode 311:

Herb Gardens

Episode 310:

Flower Arranging

Episode 309:

Flower Bulbs

Episode 308:

Honor Gardens

Episode 307:

Community Gardens

Episode 305:

Vegetable Gardens

Episode 304:

Soil Preparation

Episode 303:

Starting Seeds Indoors

Episode 302:

Preparing a Shopping List for Your Garden

Episode 301:

Garden Inspiration



The show that's all about Rochester!

Watch Fridays at 8pm.

2016 Candidate Forum

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Garden Connections Recipes

Try some of our mouthwatering
recipes from Chef Larson!


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