WED 11:30AM / scrapbook soup

Pocket Scrapbooking. Adding patterns to page pockets.

WED 8PM / telos: the fantastic world of eugene tssui

The unorthodox life and revolutionary work of an anti-establishment architect.

FRI 8PM / r-town

The music scene, IT innovation from Brazil, and Fishing.

SAT 2:30PM / rough cut woodworking

See a 1950s-styled TV tray made with an updated curve in the legs.

SAT 10PM / mystery science theater 3000

Watch the movie “The Beginning of The End” with Mike and the crew.

SUN 11AM / classic gospel

Gaithers are joined by the Homecoming choir at a small North Carolina church.

SUN 8PM / mr. smith goes to washington (1939)

Wide-eyed Mr. Smith is appointed to the Senate, but betrayed by those he idolizes.


Season 3/4 - Garden Connections

Past Episodes:

Episode 413:


Episode 313:

Weeding Your Garden

Episode 312:

Square Foot Gardening

Episode 311:

Herb Gardens

Episode 310:

Flower Arranging

Episode 309:

Flower Bulbs

Episode 308:

Honor Gardens

Episode 307:

Community Gardens

Episode 305:

Vegetable Gardens

Episode 304:

Soil Preparation

Episode 303:

Starting Seeds Indoors

Episode 302:

Preparing a Shopping List for Your Garden

Episode 301:

Garden Inspiration

Watch "R-Town"


Watch Fridays at 8pm.

KSMQ sets its sights on Rochester with its newest weekly program, “R-Town.” As one of the economic engines of the KSMQ viewing area, Rochester is brimming with business, cultural and historical significance. And of course there is also great change proposed as a result of the Destination Medical Center project. What is Rochester talking about? Join Jen Koski and Eric Olson each week as we take a trip to “R-Town.” 

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