WED 7PM / practicing peace with burt wolf

Nobel Peace Prize winners. Prem Rawat discusses how to practice peace in one's own life.

THU 7:30PM / farm connections

We talk to 2 journalists about the most recent pressing farm issues.

FRI 8PM / on q insight

An insightful Interview with Dr. Hinchcliffe from the Hormel Institute.

SAT 12PM / bbq with franklin

Cooking a whole hog, beginning to end.

SAT 8:30PM / mystery science theater 3000

Join Joel and friends as they watch Hercules fall asleep faster than the audience.

SUN 8PM / doctor zhivago (1965)

A doctor falls madly in love with a woman during the Russian Revolution.

MON 7PM / river sojourn

Explore deep into one of North America’s natural treasures, the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

MON 7:30PM / talk derby to me

Strap on your skates for a wild ride through the world of women's roller derby.

MON 8PM / thin ice -- the inside story of climate science

Explore the Antarctic, New Zealand, Europe and more with a geologist to get an insider's view.


Season 3/4 - Garden Connections

Past Episodes:

Episode 413:


Episode 313:

Weeding Your Garden

Episode 312:

Square Foot Gardening

Episode 311:

Herb Gardens

Episode 310:

Flower Arranging

Episode 309:

Flower Bulbs

Episode 308:

Honor Gardens

Episode 307:

Community Gardens

Episode 305:

Vegetable Gardens

Episode 304:

Soil Preparation

Episode 303:

Starting Seeds Indoors

Episode 302:

Preparing a Shopping List for Your Garden

Episode 301:

Garden Inspiration

KSMQ Telly Award Winner

Telly 35th annual2
The Telly Awards has named KSMQ Public Television as a Bronze winner in the 35th Annual Telly Awards for their piece titled Garden Connections' Chef Larson - Corn & Crab Hush- puppies. With nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this is truly an honor.

Check out Chef Larson in action


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