Season 6 - Garden Connections

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Episode 601:

Springtime Pruning and Bee Pollination

On this episode, Rick Pleggenkuhle helps us make the right cuts when pruning our plants in the spring.  Andrew Pruett shows us why bees are important friends in the garden.  And, of course, Chef Stephen Larson brings us his tasty take on spring garden produce -- this time it's Belgian Endive.



Episode 602:

Micro-greens and Sustainable Foods


Episode 603:

Growing Asparagus and Soil Quality


Episode 604:

Growing Mint and Using Low Tunnels


Episode 605:

Hydroponic Gardening and Diagnosing Plant Problems


Episode 606:

Native Plants & Labyrinth

On this episode we learn about native plants, visit a labyrinth garden and get a recipe from Chef Larson.



Episode 607:

2 Gardens

On this episode we visit 2 different gardens. One from the Rochester Garden Tour and Silver Bee Farm which is a working market garden. Chef Larson will also give us a recipe for fried red tomatoes.



Episode 608:

Fairy Garden and Hops

On this episode we learn how to make a fairy garden and grow hops for home brewing.



Episode 609:

Organic/ Blue Fruit Farm

On this episode Organic farms are explained as we visit Blue Fruit Farm.



Episode 610:

Elderberry Wine Making & Oronoco Garden

On this episode, we learn about growing elderberries and making wine from them. Also we visit an Oronoco, MN garden with a large pond. 



Episode 611:

Minnesota Nuts and the Pepperfield Project

On this episode we learn, after the development process of 30 years, how nuts are grown in Minnesota. Then we visit the Pepperfield Project in Decorah, IA



Episode 612:

Permaculture Gardening and Gardening in Small Spaces

On this episode we learn what permaculture is and also how to do gardening in smaller spaces.

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