Season 5 - Garden Connections

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Spring Into Action – 501

The first episode of Garden Connections' new season gets viewers off to a good start on the growing season by exploring ways to garden before the ground thaws. First, Stephanie joins Walter Ellis for a tour of Bonnie Plants in Nora Springs, Iowa, which grows thousands upon thousands of vegetable, flower and herb transplants. Then Stephanie visits with Rick Pleggenkuhl, from Cerro Gordo County Extension Service, who'll outline the key principles behind garden design. We'll also hear from Jennifer McCauley-Oftelie who illustrates the ingredients for a good seed starting mix.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Small But Mighty – 502

Gardeners know the power of seeds; they are small but mighty. Stephanie joins Laurie LeGrande for a tour of River Valley Sprouts in Houston, Minnesota. Laurie and her husband Jack Moe grow sprouted seeds for consumption rather than planting. Later Stephanie visits with Master Gardener Candy Marshall, from Clear Lake, Iowa, who demonstrates the many methods of seed starting for plants you want to jump start. We'll also hear from Jennifer McCauley Oftelie who shows you that a little TLC will rescue those tools that you may have neglected last fall.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Preparing the Soil – 503

A healthy garden begins with healthy soil, and on this episode of Garden Connections we learn how soil can be tested. Stephanie begins by drawing samples from KSMQ's own community garden plot. Then she brings them to Frontier Labs in Clear Lake, Iowa, where soil expert Rich Finstad measures its chemical make-up. Next, Stephanie is joined in the potting shed by Aimee Whiteaker, horticulturist and former host of Garden Connections, to talk about bulbs. What is a bulb? What is the best way of handling them? How and when should they be planted? You'll be surprised by what we "dig up" on this Garden Connections.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Master Gardener/Handling Bulbs – 504

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie is joined by Master Gardener Paul Trcka to learn best practices when planning a garden. He'll help us plan our own garden plot. Then Jennifer Oftelie, our local community gardener, offers tips on gardening attire and accessories. Finally, Stepanie meets with garden expert Darnell Reindl who demonstrates ways divide perennials, peonies, rhubarb and other garden favorites.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Central Gardens/High Tunnel Gardening – 505

One of the best ways to appreciate gardening is to experience it on a grand scale. On this episode of Garden Connections, Stephanie travels to Central Gardens of North Iowa where she meets gardener Leigh Trembath, and gets a behind the scenes look at how this lush garden is "awakened" in the spring. Stephanie also visits with John and Jan Ulland of Austin, who provide the ins and outs of high-tunnel gardening. And we catch up with Jennifer Oftelie, who identifies the plants we'll be putting in our community garden plot.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Orchids/Cooking With Greens/Planting Seeds – 506

On this episode of Garden Connections, we explore the fascinating world of orchids, with guidance from an expert grower from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Next, Chef Larson gives us innovative ideas for cooking with greens. Then it's planting time for our own garden at the Austin Community Gardens, a project we'll follow throughout the season.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Working Worms/Ask Aimee/Transplanting – 507

On this Garden Connections, we learn about the contributions of earthworms to your garden by visiting a worm farm in Spring Valley. Then horticulturist Aimee Whiteaker answers your questions about volunteer plants and the best time to harvest lettuce. After that, we continue our work at the Austin Community Gardens by transplanting what we grew indoors earlier this spring.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Bale Gardening/Cooking Rhubarb/Mulching – 508

On this Garden Connections, we learn how to garden using straw bales -- an easy, innovative way to grow healthy plants in just about any location. Then Chef Larson shows us a great way to cook rhubarb with delicious results. We also join Jennifer Oftelie in our Austin Community Garden plot where we learn how to apply different kinds of mulches and row covers.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Landscape Arboretum/Ask Aimee/Planting Vegetables - 509

On this Garden Connections, we'll explore the vast grounds of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, a treasure trove of delights for gardeners of all backgrounds. Horticulturist Aimee Whiteaker will answer questions about garden pests and plant infections. And we'll be planting and transplanting vegetables at the Austin Community Gardens.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Rain Gardens/Succulents – 510

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie explores beautiful and innovative rain gardens in Rochester. They use run-off from buildings and streets to efficiently water plants, and the result is a lush, environmentally friendly residential hideaway. Later, she's joined in the potting shed by an expert in succulents, exotic plants that require very little water. And Chef Stephen Larson shows us another novel use of our garden harvest—rhubarb ale.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Peonies/Container Gardening – 511

There are flowers and there are FLOWERS, and on the next Garden Connections Stephanie gets a close look at the peony, which has a plump, luxuriant, fragrant blossom. She takes us to Kenyon, Minnesota to meet with farmers who raise peonies on a large scale. She also gets lessons in small scale planting when she's joined in the potting shed by an expert on container gardening. And Chef Stephen Larson shows us a new way to prepare romaine lettuce -- on the grill.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Country Garden Tour/Weed Control – 512

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie takes us on a tour of an old farm that's been converted to breathtaking country residence filled with lush gardens. We also work in our community garden where we get The traffic that goes in casinomatrix.net sites on a daily basis should be your judgment criterion. a lesson on weed identification and control from a master gardener. And Chef Larson joins us for a primer on fresh herbs for cooking.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Growing Hostas and Mushrooms – 513

On this Garden Connections, we seek out the origins of some of our favorite garden staples. First, Stephanie takes us to Shady Oak Nursery where we learn how hostas get their start in test tubes. She also visits a farm in Winona and discovers how culinary mushrooms are raised.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Serendipity Gardens/Garden Update – 514

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie takes us to Serendipity Gardens in Albert Lea where writer Carol Hegel Lang has created a sumptuous, serene cottage garden. Then Chef Stephen Larson shows us new ways of incorporating beets into recipes. And Master Gardener Paul Trcka diagnoses the condition of our community garden.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Woodland Garden/Growing Roses – 515

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie explores a beautiful woodland garden in Rochester complete with a fish pond and steep rocky slope. She learns how to manage planting near a wild area and the challenges of planting on a hill. Then Chef Larson uses fresh beets to create delicious black velvet cupcakes. Stephanie also travels to the C. A. Rohrer Rose Garden in Winona to get essential tips on how to grow and care for roses.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Central Gardens/Fair Time! – 516

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie takes us back to the beautiful Central Gardens of North Iowa to see how it's blossomed by mid-summer. We enjoy the many lush flower gardens and learn about Central Gardens' summer activities. Then Master Gardener Paul Trcka answers viewer mail. And Stephanie visits Freeborn County Fair to learn how to enter your own garden produce and flowers in your local county fair.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Garden Tour/Dealing with Dry Spells – 517

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie takes us to a luxuriant garden in Rochester where owner Ken Zimmerman describes his many efforts to perfect this inviting backyard getaway, which includes planting for color, maintaining trees, creating trouble-free lawn edging, and choosing statuary and other decor. Then Chef Larson creates a delicious dish from fresh green beans. And then Stephanie visits a thriving country garden to learn watering techniques in hot weather.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Farmers Markets/Seed Saving – 518

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie visits the Farmers Market of Mason City, Iowa to see what's offered and to get a sense of what it takes to sell produce in these markets. Then Chef Larson shows us how to prepare fresh sweet corn with delectable results. Finally, Stephanie is joined in the potting shed by Norrie MacIlraith, former host of Garden Connections, who shows how to save seeds.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" Family Garden/Harvest Time – 519

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie visits a fun suburban garden in Rochester to see how it's been developed into an inviting family recreation area. Chef Larson demonstrates another delicious recipe featuring fresh green beans. Then Stephanie joins Jenn Oftelie in our community garden plot to harvest our produce and to look back on this unusual growing season.

KSMQ's "Garden Connections" ISU Booster Garden/Putting Your Garden to Bed – 520

On this Garden Connections, Stephanie takes us to Mason City, Iowa where an ambitious gardener frames his garden around a personal passion—Iowa State University. Chef Larson shares another innovative recipe with fresh sweet corn. Then Stephanie is joined in the potting shed by Shelley Pederson, who shares techniques for putting your garden to bed for the winter.

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