Season 7 - Garden Connections

Episode 713:


Root Cellars and a Rochester Garden

We learn about root cellars with Mike Larsen; Visit the garden of Ken Zimmerman and get a recipe for Greek style grilled eggplant!



Episode 712:


Historic Forestville and Apples at Seed Savers

We explore Historic Forestville and stop in at Seed Savers to learn about the apple trees they grow from seeds from hundreds of years ago!



Episode 711:


Community Gardening & Rochester Garden

Guest Audrey Alfson from the Houston Community Garden. Rochester Garden Tour #2 - the home of Barbara & Glen Muenkel



Episode 710:



S.M.A.R.T. Garden and Shrubs

We visit the S.M.A.R.T. garden at RCTC in Rochester, MN. And we learn more about Shrubs at the Minnesota Arboretum.



Episode 709:


Native Flowers and Herbs

We travel to Prairie Moon Nursery to learn about native plants and flowers. And then we learn about herbs from Master Gardener, Jessie Crane.


Episode 708:


Silver Bee Farm and Rochester Garden Tour 1

We visit Silver Bee Farm with Nutritionist, Amy Pleimling. Then we explore our first garden this year from the Rochester Garden Tour. And Chef Larson shows us how to make Baby Heirloom Potato Salad. 



Episode 707:


Glass Sculptures and Garden Beverages

We look at Glass Sculptures on display at the MN Arboretum. And talk about things from the garden we can drink!




Episode 706:


The Year of Renewal and Food Dehydration

In this episode we go to the garden of Liz Bankes and learn about her "Year of Renewal". Then Mary Bell gives us advise on drying all kinds of food and we'll learn how to make Lilac Poached Chicken from Chef Larson.



Episode 705:


The Living Wall and a Japanese Garden

We visit the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center in Rochester to see the stunning "Living Wall". Then we travel to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to get a tour of a Japanese Garden. Chef Larson's recipe is "Stir fried Brocolli with Red Miso and Walnut Sauce". 


Episode 704:


Wicking Beds, Winter Squash and Water Features

Joe Deden demonstrates how to make a wicking bed, to conserve water. Landscape expert, Dave Sloan talks about the components of a pond at the Central Gardens of North Iowa and Chef Larson serves up "Winter Squash".



Episode 703:


Flower Arrangement and Garden Art

Learn how to make a bouquet from the flowers in your garden. Liz Reckner and Kayla Meier share some of their best tips. Artist, Jim Wegner shows us how to add something very special to our gardens and Chef Larson cooks with mushrooms.




Episode 702:


Aquaponics and Birds

In this episode we learn all about aquaponics; growing plants with water and live fish. We meet author and naturalist, Stan Tekiela, who shows us how to attract birds to our backyard garden. Also Chef Larson makes an "Arugula Salad" with crab, walnuts and apple.



Episode 701:

Grafting Apple Trees and Bug Management

Learn how to graft apple trees with Dan Bussey of Seed Savers; Manage favorable and unfavorable bugs with the help of Entomologist Jeff Hahn. And Chef Larson shows us how to make "Apple Tarte Tatin".




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