On Q

Episode 604:
 Meet Gerard Academy's Ambassador of the Year, Tiffany Ellinghuysen. Judy Bergen talks about her experience raising a family in Austin, and Freeborn County's passion for baseball is more than 150 years old.

Episode 603:
 Renewable energy choices, Riverland College Student Body President and the massive lock & dam system on the Mississippi River.

Episode 602:


KSMQ's On Q features the new CEO Program for Austin High School; a tour through the historic Hubbard House in Mankato; and a conversation on how reptiles make great pets. We also introduce our new Austin Voices segment with special guest: Chad Andersen.


Episode 601:

Host Eric Olson visits with Dr. Ciota, CEO of the Mayo Clinic Health System - Albert Lea and Austin about the status of changes between the two campuses, along with other news in medical care.
Episode 504:

The performing arts theatre in Chatfield, the Spam Museum, the creation of the Winona cemetery, and the Taopi Wildflower Preserve are discussed.

Episode 503:

Paint the Town Pink. Kathi Finley & Mike Keeley continue efforts to raise funds to fight breast cancer. John Garry shows us how he's helping to create a friendly business environment. Also see how Hollandale got its start and learn about the care of dogs.

Episode 502:

2 Communities are trying to secure a veterans home. Also Laura Helle from Austin Area Commission for the Arts talks about how things are going in the area. And learn about butter churns in Owatonna. We go back to an episode of Cities On the Move and hear from a Riverland College Theatre Director and we go ghost hunting

Episode 501:

We talk to Austin students who are finding out good behavior is the norm. Learn how a community is handling housing needs and about the history of Minnesota State University Mankato.  
Episode 404:

Featuring MPCA Assistant Commissioner Rebecca Flood re: water quality, Steve Kime with Vision 2020 Bike/Walk Committee update, Winona's lumber industry, and a look back at an old episode of Snap Shot and the Story Lady Doll & Toy Museum.

Episode 403:

  Featuring George A. Hormel autobiography, Vision 2020 Waterways Committee, Freeborn County creameries, and a look back at Diversity Connections' conversation about Native American history.


Episode 402:
Featuring deer feeding ban, Vision 2020 Community Pride & Spirit Committee, the automobile industry in Steele County, and a look back at Health Connections re: insomnia
Episode 401:

 Featuring Austin Poverty Task Force, Vision 2020's Austin Aspires update, Blue Earth County agriculture and a look back at an old Snap Shot episode featuring Niagara Cave.

Episode 226:
Join the Journey is an organization in Rochester that helps patients with breast cancer - both emotionally, and with fun physical activities like the Making Waves project. We'll learn more about it. Also, Craig Clark will be joining us. He is the City Administrator for the City of Austin. We'll find out a little more about what he does and what's been happening in town. And, Geoff Smith from the Community Pride & Spirit Committee of Vision 2020 is looking for you...to roll up your sleeves to benefit the community.
Episode 225:

Host Eric Olson talks with Bonnie Rietz and Belita Schindler about this year's ArtWorks Festival, held annually in August. The Hormel Foundation sponsors an annual Gifted and Talented Symposium. This year, attendees included a delegation from Turkey; and they'll be joining Eric here. And a Vision 2020 update from Mayor Tom Stiehm.

Episode 224:

Host Eric Olson when he meets Albert Lea Area Schools Teacher of the Year winner Todd Lange. Dawn Helgeson from Arc Mower County tells us about the summer Special Olympics available in Austin. And, Mark Thein talks about how he helps small businesses get started. 

Episode 223:
Join On Q Host Eric Olson with Dr. Adenuga Atewologun, President of Riverland Community College when they talk about the new connection between Riverland Community College and Minnesota State University - Mankato. It gives area students more options for higher education. Richard Lemons, Chair of the Austin Human Rights Commission talks about their Community Conversations. And Cody Fox from the Soil and Water Conservation District highlights Dobbins Creek.
Episode 222:

Find out more about the MacPhail Center for Music, which is coming to Austin, MN. Jonathan Zierdt from Greater Mankato Growth shares the good news about the job picture in southern Minnesota. And Steve Kime will convince you to bike to work this summer.

Episode 221:

Megan Moeller from Rochester Public Works Department describes the clean-up project that is held in April. Michael Sparby, Senior Project Strategist with AURI, explains their mission and latest project, and John gray updates us on the Gateway Committee's efforts. 

Episode 220:
Join On Q Host Eric Olson to learn more about the Journey to Growth initiative that is balancing economic development growth in Rochester.  Guest host Stephanie Passingham talks with Austin Public Schools Superintendent David Krenz and Melissa Barr from Mayo Health System about the new health kiosks being installed for District employees.  And, Steve Kime from the Bike/Walk Committee provides a Vision 2020 update.
Episode 219:

We look at the new building plans for Austin Utilities with Mark Nibaur and talk about the changes in the energy industry at large.  Brock Besse, director for the Rochester Pops Orchestra introduces the newest musical organization in town, and Jennifer Lawhead, from Austin Aspires, talks about the inventory of resources, she is discovering for area students.

Episode 218:

Karla Carroll and Natalie Guanella talk about the new Pi Academy at Southgate Elementary.  Cody Anderson shares this year’s goals for the Plunging for Pink event.  And, Matt Cano explains the benefits of the proposed turf dome for Westcott Field. 

Episode 217:

In this episode, Larry Dolphin, Adrian Lee and Sandy Forstner. Also joined by guest host, Courtney Wyant.




Episode 216:

Eric Olson visits with Michael Cotter and Bev Jackson Cotter about the art of storytelling and their new book, "The Kildeer".  Trey Mewes teaches Eric a thing or two about video gaming. And Richard Lemons provides a GIG Austin update.



Episode 215:

Guests include Ann Austin of United Way of Freeborn County, John Garry, Executive Dir., Development Corporation of Austin, and Mary Barinka with Peer Power Partners.




Episode 214:

Host Eric Olson visits with Trey Mewes from the Austin Daily Herald about the 2014 election season.  Author Milt Ost recounts his travels while he was writing the historical fiction book, "Tumbleweeds Burning".  And, Stephnee Leathers from the "Downtown–A Destination" Committee gives us a Vision 2020 update.




 Episode 213:


Judge Rysavy, Destination Medical Center & SHIP

In this episode, Judge Donald Rysavy joins us to tell us about his career and Lisa Clark, Exec. Dir. of DMC Economic Development Agency, tells us what's happening in Rochester. And a Vision 2020 update with Karissa Studier with Mower County SHIP.



 Episode 212:


Increasing Teacher Diversity in Public Schools, Gerard Academy & Vision 2020

In this episode, we visit with Bruce Ramsdell and Sheila Berger about increasing teacher diversity. Then we talk with Damien Lundino-Green from Gerard Academy and we get a Vision 2020 update from Laura Helle.



 Episode 211:


Bill Callaghan / Austin Mountain Bike Team / Graffiti

In this episode, we talk with Author Bill Callaghan tells us the value of praise for children! Spencer Salmon from the Austin mountain bike team stops by and Jeff Smith tells us how he's turning graffiti, around town, into art.



 Episode 210:


AmeriCorps and ArtWorks Festival

In this episode, we talk with Gretchen Erickson, who tells us what its like to be involved with AmeriCorps. We meet Grace Heimsness who is the new Intern for the ArtWorks Festival and we get an 2020 update with John Gray.



Episode 209:

Association of Fundraising Professionals and WLI

Host Eric Olson talks with Gail Dennison of the Hormel Institute about the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the recent award given to The Hormel Foundation.  Annemarie Vaupel  and Chris Grev recap the important work WLI is doing for children in our area.  And, Laura Helle tells us why now is a great time to volunteer in the community. 



Episode 208:


Intentional Social Interaction, Military Helps and A-Destination Austin 

Learn how military families cope with deployment with our guest Tammy Estes from Military Personnel Services Corp. Also, learn what intentional social interaction is with Dane Smith of Growth & Justice and Dani Heiny of Riverland Community College. Then we'll conclude with a Vision 2020 update from Stephnee Leathers.



Episode 207:


MNDOT and Science-based Reading 

On the next episode of On Q, Host Eric Olson talks with Mike Dougherty from MNDOT regarding highway construction projects affecting southern Minnesota.  Courtney Wyant shares the interesting content of a new science-based reading club at the Austin Public Library and Steve Kime encourages us to get out and bike!




Episode 206:


NOAA, Susan Hanson, & John Gray

Susan Hanson tells us about a new program called "Teen Scenes". Todd Shea from NOAA tells us how to become a storm spotter and John Gray from Vision 2020 updates us on bridges and roads.

Episode 205:


Big Awards and Big Data, and a 2020 Rec Center Update

This On Q looks into the work of Habitat for Humanity Freeborn/Mower, which won a statewide award for its coalition building. Eric visits with Executive Director Brigitte Campbell. Then Dan Hoffman, host of Farm Connections, joins Eric in the studio to interview Wall Street Journal writer Jacob Bunge about the collection of data generated by high tech tractors. Then Matt Cano drops by with an update from the Vision 2020 Community Recreation Center Committee.

Episode 204:


Josh Wahlen, Pacelli Girls Basketball, & Community Concierge

We interview music artist, Josh Wahlen and hear him perform. We also see why Lyle Pacelli Girls Basketball is doing so well! Then we'll get a Vision 2020 update from Kristen Olson and learn about Community Concierge.

Episode 203:


Legos as a learning tool, Home Buyers classes, and a 2020 Tech Update

David Wolf of Austin Public Schools and a student tell us about Legos in the classroom. Umbelina Cramer from Three Rivers Community Action explains how home buyers can be more informed. And Mark Nibaur gives us a 2020 update on technology about the Internet.

Episode 202:


Albert Lea Businesses, a New Fire Chief and the Plunge for The Pink.

Business retention & expansion in Albert Lea, Austin's new fire chief and the Plunge for The Pink! 


Episode 201:


Austin Trapshoot Club, Rep. Poppe, and Vision 2020 - Austin Rec Areas

We learn more about the sport of trapshooting when Stephanie Passingham visits with members of the Austin Trapshoot Club. Then Minnesota State Representative Jeanne Poppe (DFL -- District 27B) drops by to talk regional politics with Eric Olson. And Steven Kime of the Vision 2020 Bike/Walk Trail Committee describes developments to Austin's public recreation areas.


Episode 304:

On this episode of On Q, we turn over the host chair to Dr. Adenuga Atewologun, President of Riverland Community College. Dr. Atewologun invites three guests into the studio to shed some light on the vision and development of the Southeastern Minnesota Center for Agriculture and Food Science Innovation and its global focus. Episode 304

Episode 303:

  We talk about several programs in our community that focus on students. For our youngest learners, Amy Baskin from Austin Public Schools visits with Anna Otto about how toddlers learn. Catherine Haslag shares how mentoring has greatly increased student participation in the science fair. And, Jennifer Lawhead gives us an Austin Aspires update. Episode 303


Episode 302:
In this episode we learn about the possibility of renewable biomass being used in the Destination Medical Center project in Rochester. The Mower County Humane Society is hosting their annual walk-a-thon and we learn more about the good work they do with the funds they raise. And, John Gray shows us the new directional signs from Vision 2020.
Episode 301:

  Host Eric Olson talks with John Mueller, Gareth Hataye and Laura Helle.

View More Episodes of On Q

Episode 101:

Technology, Hunger & Community Visioning
On this program we explore technology, hunger and community visioning. First, the Austin Public Schools are introducing technology curriculum to students as kindergarteners, and keeping it current all through high school.  Corey Haugen, Josh McRae and Rayce Hardy are joining us to tell all. In 2010, Hunger Free Minnesota set a goal to close the gap on 125 million meals statewide that people were missing.  David Dayhoff joins us to tell us how it's going, particularly in our region.  Later, Laura Helle will introduce the Vision 2020 project for the City of Austin.


Episode 102:

Counties Merging Human Services, Silica Sand Mining, Bike & Walking Trails
On this episode of On Q we examine a proposal by Mower, Waseca, Steele and Dodge counties to merge their human services. Craig Oscarson and Julie Stevermer of Mower County join Eric in the studio. Then Jason Gilman of Winona county discusses the proposed silica sand mining operation in southeastern Minnesota. And in our Vision 2020 update Eric visits with Steve Kime about the area's bike and walking trails.


Episode 103:

Blue Zones, Author Janet Groth & Vision 2020-Austin Gateway Project
On this episode of On Q, we find out if you can live longer if you live in Albert Lea or Mason City with Angela Determan and Ellen Kehr.  We will also learn what happens to a young girl (Janet Groth) who grew up in Austin when she makes her way to New York City and ends up getting quite and education at The New Yorker magazine.  Cheryl Corey also joins us to explain the Gateway goal for the Vision 2020 team.


Episode 104:

Albert Lea Streetscape Project, Shellrock River Watershed District & Vision 2020 Recreation Center
Eric talks with Albert Lea City Manager Chad Adams about their proposed streetscape project. Brett Behnke drops by to introduce the new dredge for the Shellrock River Watershed District. And Matt Cano talks about the Vision 2020 Recreation Center committee.


Episode 105:

Bullying, Libraries & Vision 2020 Waterways
Stephanie tackles the subject of school bullying by talking with Kevin Strauss, an influential speaker and storyteller. Then she sits down with of Ann Hokanson, Director of the Austin Public Library, to talk about new literary publications. And Eric's Vision 2020 guest is Heath Garey, who discusses Austin's valuable waterways.


Episode 106:

Community Development Projects in Austin, Albert Lea and Owatonna
On this episode of On Q, Eric takes a close look at significant changes in communities within our region. First, he meets with Dr. Mark Ciota of the Mayo Clinic Health System to learn more about a merger and expansion in Austin and Albert Lea. Then he's joined by Mayor Tom Kuntz of Owatonna, who discusses present and future city projects. And in the Vision 2020 segment, Eric talks with Stephnee Leathers of Austin's Downtown-A Destination Committee.


Episode 107:

The Hormel Institute/Violence Against Women/Austin Utilities Building
On this episode of On Q, we learn more about the proposed expansion of the Hormel Institute in Austin. We'll also be talking with members of the Zonta organization to find out what they're doing to eliminate violence against women. And we meet with Belita Schindler, who shares the Vision 2020 plans for the Austin Utilities Building.


Episode 108:

Austin Harvard Graduate/Flu Vaccines/Community Pride
On this episode of On Q Eric visits with Anthony Hernandez, a graduate of Austin High School and more recently Harvard University. Anthony shares his experiences getting an education at an Ivy League school and talks about his future plans in education. Next, Eric meets with Lisa Kocer, a Community Health Services Administrator, who explains the ins and outs of flu vaccines. In the Vision 2020 segment, we get a visit from Erin McClimon of Austin's Community Pride & Spirit Committee.


Episode 109:

STEM Education/Community Engagment/Business Friendly Environment
On this episode of On Q, Eric looks into the value of STEM education (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) by visiting with a teacher and students from Kingsland Public Schools, which received national accreditation for its STEM programs. Then Eric meets with Craig Johnson to discuss the virtues of community engagement. And during our Vision 2020 segment, he's joined by Eric Connett of the Business Friendly Environment Committee.


Episode 110:

Haiti Relief/Hurricane Sandy Recovery/Vision 2020 Education
In Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa, we're known for being friendly, helpful people.  Our guests on this episode of On Q are wonderful examples of how much we care for not only our neighbors, but also for our fellow human beings across the country, even the world.Dr. Dick Schindler, a long-time physician in Austin, describes his work in Haiti. Then Russ Nelson and Bill Bumgarner, linemen from Austin Public Utilities, talk about their trip to help recovery efforts following Hurricane casinoider.info Sandy. Also, Randy Kramer from the Education Committee for Vision 2020 shares their latest efforts.


Episode 111:

Breast Cancer Research/Southern Minn. Initiative Foundation/Vision 2020 Technology
On this episode of On Q, Eric talks about painting the town pink with Cheryl Corey and Gail Dennison.  This annual tradition raises awareness about breast cancer and we learn what The Hormel Institute is doing to prevent it.  Tim Penny from the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation brings us up to date on its efforts.  And Eric chats with Mark Nibaur about the Community Wide Technology Committee for Vision 2020


Episode 112:

Hormel Foods Shareholder Meeting/Robotics Team/Vision 2020 Recreation
On this edition of On Q, Eric gets an inside look at the Hormel Foods Corporation Annual Shareholder's Meeting when he visits with Austin Daily Herald editor Adam Haringa. Then he's joined by Austin High School Robotics Team Coach/Advisor Ryan Stanley and his students, who demonstrate their latest projects.  And Mark Bjorlie from the Recreation Committee for Vision 2020 provides an update on the tours we heard about earlier in the season.


Episode 113:

Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council/Apple Lane Childcare Center/Vision 2020
On this episode of On Q, Shannon Hart, Director of the Apple Lane Childcare Center joins Eric to give a rundown -- and a sneak peek -- of their new facility under construction.  But first, Eric welcomes Susan Olson from Austin who was recently appointed to the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council.  Then Laura Helle will recap some of the latest accomplishments of Vision 2020.


Episode 114:

Catholic Church/Artworks Festival/Vision 2020 Downtown
On this episode of On Q, Eric Olson visits with Father Jim Steffes of Austin's Catholic parishes to discuss the impact of the new Pope on local congregations as well as the church worldwide. Then he's joined by  Alice Holst and Bonnie Reitz who talk about the Austin Artworks Festival and how you can get involved.  And Stephnee Leathers drops by to talk about the progress of Downtown plans in Austin.


Episode 115:

Randy Kehr and Job-Z/Photographer Eric Johnson/Vision 2020 Rockin' the Block
On this episode of On Q, Host Eric Olson visits with Randy Kehr  from Albert Lea.  The JOB-Z economic development program has its critics; we find out from Randy if it’s working for them.  Eric Johnson stops by to share some of his most interesting photographs of the news he’s covered in our region.  And Geoff Smith from Vision 2020 tells us how to foster community spirit by rockin ’ the block.


Episode 116:

Ann Hokanson & Students/Vision 2020 Bike/Walk
We have some amazing young people in our region, and on this episode of On Q, we get to meet some of them.  Austin Public Library Director Ann Hokanson  is joined by Taryn  Sims to talk poetry and Sonya Zieske  from Albert Lea introduces us to some geography bee, Destination ImagiNation  and knowledge bowl competitors.  And, of course, we’ll get our Vision 2020 update, this time from Dick Schindler for the Bike/Walk Committee. 


Episode 117:

CDC Findings/ACE Scores/Czech Journalists /Vision 2020 Mary Ann Wolesky
The CDC’s Adverse Childhood Experiences Study uncovered a link between childhood trauma and chronic diseases. On this episode of On Q, two guests join Host Eric Olson to talk about ACE scores and what they mean.  We get a visit from some Czech Republic journalists and Mary Anne Wolesky  gives us an update on Vision 2020 activities.


Episode 118:

Sela Fadness/Sgt. Dave Pike /Vision 2020 John Garry
On this episode of On Q, we visit with local gymnast Sela  Fadness  and her coach Mark Raymond about her triumphant win at State this year.  Sgt. Dave Pike also stops by to talk about the importance of being able to communicate during critical community events. And, of course, we'll get a Vision 2020 update, this time from John Garry.


Episode 119:

Jim Hurm/Amy Wangen /Vision 2020 Community Identity
On this episode of On Q, Host Eric Olson talks with Jim Hurm , Austin City Administrator about LGA . State funding may sound boring, but you’re going to want to hear this good news.  Amy Wangen  drops in to talk about how enactment of real-life situations helps to train a better workforce.  And Laura Helle  joins Eric to talk about Vision 2020’s  community identity project.


Episode 120:


Greyhounds & Blue Sox/Cedar River/Vision 2020 Gateway
On this episode of On Q, we'll be talking baseball with the Austin, MN Greyhounds and the Austin Blue Sox. Also we'll get an update on the Cedar River watershed district. And we'll visit with John Gray about Vision 2020s effort on the Gateway Committee. 


Episode 121:


New Riverland President/Waterways Committee for Vision 2020
On this episode of On Q, we'll be getting to know the new president of Riverland College in Austin, MN. And we'll be hearing about the Waterways Committee for Vision 2020.


Episode 122:


Austin During WWII/Trey Mewes/Vision 2020 Windows
In this episode, we'll revisit the history of Austin during World War 2. Trey Mewes will talk about how Austin's population has changed and Stephanie Leathers will update us with Vision 2020 on downtown windows.


Episode 123:


Year Round School at Sumner
In this episode we discuss the year round calendar at Sumner Elementary School (Austin, MN) Also, we'll be talking with a representative from a local organization that feeds hungry children and a Vision 2020 update.


Episode 124:

Austin's Schools Referendum

In this episode we talk with the Superintendent and get a Vision 2020 update. 


Episode 125:

Austin Bruins

Find out what the Austin Bruins are up to. We'll talk with the coach and some of the players! Brigitte Campbell with Habitat for Humanity will also be stopping by with a Vision 2020 update.


Episode 126:

Officer Blust & Bosco, Mower Refreshed, Rec Center

Sandy Anderson of Mower Refreshed visits us. Along with Officer Eric Blust with canine, Bosco. Also Matt Cano gives us a Community Rec Center update!

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