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KSMQ Public Television has been producing local, award-winning television in High Definition format since 2011. Big, beautiful landscapes on Garden Connections; lively, foot-stomping, get-up-and-dance concerts on the KSMQ Concert Series; and intricate, inspiring art on Off 90. The quality of our programs showcase the talents of our region.Concerts2

But since the pipeline for delivering the programs to our out-sourced Master Control was small, we could only send a Standard Definition signal to your home.  With your help, that’s about to change!  In 2015, KSMQ viewers will see all the fantastic features of our shows just as they were captured – in High Definition! But this upgrade comes at a significant cost for our small operation -- $500,000.



We are delighted to report that major donors such as The Hormel Foundation have already contributed generously to this endeavor. But we need your help. Your dollars count!

 Please consider donating, $20, $50, or $100 to support even higher quality programming from KSMQ. 


Please help us, today!





Here’s what people are saying about HD for KSMQ!

“I believe that the higher quality picture resulting from the upgrade to high definition will increase viewership and as a result, the number of people that benefit from KSMQ’s important civic, cultural and educational programming.” 
~ Thomas Wente, Rochester KSMQ Member






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